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About us

The UK Prevention Research Partnership (UKPRP) funders are committing over £50 million to support research into the primary prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Further information about UKPRP and the funding scheme can be found here.

Our proposal followed a proof of concept study (LACoR) funded by the Health Foundation (£75,000), in which a detailed logic model was developed for embedding a
research culture in local government, based on a series of interactive workshops with Council staff in each site.

The ENABLE consortium mains aims are to:

  • Increase research capacity and ‘no how’ in each LA, focusing on a local NCD priority issue, enabling access to evidence to inform local decision-making. We will develop and share learning which is generalisable across the UK
  • Build and support new partnerships for active and effective research use with practitioners, policy makers, and academia
  • Build knowledge and skills in local government and universities to maximise use of different kinds of evidence for policy, practice and public decision-making
  • Co-create evidence that addresses local government priorities, with a focus on prevention, by working across sectors and disciplines, utilising novel methodological approaches, including complex systems models
  • Develop a range of health and system interventions that have been co-produced and tested across LA areas
  • Create sustained change in research culture in LAs and academia so that evidence use is embedded across local government
  • Evaluate this new approach and methods to see if we made a difference to the health of people living in each area, related to their priority topic, and whether/how this approach could be rolled out across the UK

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