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ENABling Local authority

Evidence-based decision-making across the UK


We are a consortium bringing together academics, practitioners, policy makers and other stakeholders from across the UK in five centres in North East and South West England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Our vision is of Local Government and academia working in partnership. Councils will routinely employ research-informed evidence in the prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), improving the health of the local population and reducing health inequalities.

We aim to develop and test system-wide approaches to knowledge mobilisation by expanding the evidence base for reducing non-communicable diseases and inequalities at a local level. This will be done by gathering evidence from across local authorities and developing a model for embedded research culture, capacity and infrastructure across the UK.
The ENABLE consortium will facilitate opportunities for closer interaction and blurring of boundaries between public health practitioners and directorates across local government in order to explore how a system-wide approach to knowledge influences policy decisions. Want to get involved? Contact us to assist in creating meaningful impact and change.


We are developing and testing a process that embeds research capacity and expertise in LAs. Working closely with our partners in initially five LA (Bath & North East Somerset, Belfast, Cariff, Edinburgh, Newcastle), we have identified a current priority for improving the health and wellbeing and reducing inequalities of people living in each of these area. By building relationships between academics, practitioners and policy makers we will enable the LA in each area to access and create new evidence that is relevant for decision making about the priority issue.

Bath & North East Somerset
Newcastle upon Tyne

“By working together, there is a real opportunity to embed an evidence based approach to supporting delivery of community planning within the city and informing policy and investment decisions of partners to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for citizens.”

“By working together, there is a real opportunity to embed an evidence based approach to s”

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Stay in touch and get involved with the ENABLE network to help build research capacity in local government across the UK and to support translation of research into practice and policy through our projects and extensive network of partner organisations. ENABLE is keen to link with everyone working to reduce non-communicable diseases and inequalities at a local level, whether you are an academic, or a policy and practice partner from health, local authority or a third sector organisation.

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